Case Studies

Fit Capital Solutions Inc.

Organizational Overview: As an experienced Corporate Finance Banking team of experts, Fit Capital Solutions focuses on managing risks and capitalizing on opportunities. This is achieved by helping their clients feel at ease, understood and trust that their needs will be met in a profitable manner.

Listen:  Fit Capital’s culture of being truly invested in its lenders’ and clients’ well being wasn’t apparent in their messaging prior to working with William Joseph. In an industry that’s no stranger to technical jargon, we understood that it was a must to reshape Fit Capital’s language to make it as friendly and approachable as the team that founded it.

Act: This was achieved by first taking Fit Capital Solutions through William Joseph’s strategic four-phase process, building an authentic and compelling brand based on strategic and in-depth research, and creating a tactical marketing plan. Honing in on what makes Fit Capital different from the rest – their commitment to defying convention, in order to achieve their clients’ ambitions – WJ built out a written and visual brand that clearly communicated Fit Capital’s commitment to their clients. Following the creation of the brand, William Joseph began to execute on the tactical marketing plan by building eye-catching brand assets. Some of the key assets that were developed for Fit Capital include a new website, brochures, client document folders and several billboards that can be seen throughout downtown Calgary. Fit Capital’s original logo (the elephant) remained intact due to its symbolic significance, which reflects their core values – family, loyalty, wisdom and success.

Fit Capital Solutions - Billboard example
Fit Capital - website flats
Fit - Ad examples
Fit- Brochure example
Fit- Brochure 2 example

Our Process

William Joseph’s approach to marketing is strategic in nature and rooted in deep insight through detailed marketing research. Our team uses research to gain empirical data to address target audience trends. This same strategic approach applies to developing compelling brand stories and updating written and visual brands to reflect changes within the organization or environment.

Our four-phase process begins by us analyzing your industry, competitors, and organization to identify organizational objectives and the external and internal factors that affect them. This includes researching target audiences to identify concepts and messaging that appeals and resonates. After developing deep insight into your organization, its unique value for each audience, and its position within the industry, we would then develop an updated written brand for the organization. With our written brand work as the foundation, we would then refresh your visual identity to better align with the updated written brand.

Based on insights from our research and our work refining your brand, we would also be well-positioned to recommended strategies and tactics to better tell your organizations refined story across multiple channels, including through engaging content and other digital tactics.