Case Studies

Energy Resourcing Canada, Ltd.

Organizational Overview: Energy Resourcing Canada, Ltd. is a full-service recruitment and payroll provider for many positions within Canada’s energy, construction, nuclear, and EPC industries. Their team has more than four decades of combined experience, helping to maintain a global base of candidates, carry a strong reputation in the field, and function as a first contact for many companies in search of qualified personnel.

Listen: In 2019, Energy Resourcing Canada reached out to WJ for assistance with their web presence. While they had an impeccable reputation for service and integrity in the field, their website and digital assets did not reflect that reputation to the level they desired. Furthermore, they wanted to develop a cohesive digital strategy that brought more leads to their site and established their team as a trusted resource for energy job placements.

Act: Our digital analyst team began with a thorough and exhaustive audit of the Energy Resourcing website, considering several different areas – on-page, technical, and off-page SEO. Touching on every element of the site – from backlink sources, loading times, and technical accessibility to host security, metadata, and optimization for different devices – the audit allowed us a clear glimpse into any issues that could prevent Energy Resourcing from reaching their full digital potential.

We prepared a full report on the findings and identified numerous problem areas, such as toxic backlinks and redirect loops. In doing so, we were able to make specific recommendations that would improve the crawlability and responsiveness of the site’s SEO, leading to a higher search engine page ranking (SERP) and, ultimately, more leads from interested people.

Using the Answer the Public online tool, our digital analysts put together a comprehensive guide of the most common search terms that would result in the Energy Resourcing page being summoned. Armed with that information, we worked together with their team to design a new landing page, custom-built to capture the right audience.

Results: For several months, we consistently helped Energy Resourcing improve their site’s SEO ranking, through the use of recommended H1/H2 tags. With their newly-made landing page, their key messaging could be placed front and centre for all visitors to the site. We made a follow-up report after three months, enabling their team to keep track of what was working, what still needed improvement, and our recommendations for tactics that would have the best impact on performance.

ERC Website Example
Energy Resourcing Canada - detailed region map
ERC detailed web page
ERC detailed web page