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Enerflex Ltd., headquartered in Calgary, is a well-known supplier of products and services to petroleum and natural gas companies around the world. With more than 2,000 employees, a global base of operations, and nearly $1.5 billion in annual revenue, they are a major presence in the oilfield equipment supply chain, and enable other organizations in the field to extract, process, and transport petroleum products.

Enerflex and William Joseph have been collaborating on various projects since 2017, with our most notable work being the design and development of their annual reports, released each spring. Each year, we dedicate dozens of hours and several staff towards helping collect data, source photos, create graphics, and ultimately produce a visually appealing and informative final product.



Drawing upon our long relationship with the Enerflex brand, we worked together to identify a theme that could embody 2019: Enduring Success in a global energy market. Speaking to the company’s tenacity in the field, dedication to their employees, and long-term market goals, the phrase represented all that Enerflex worked towards in a shifting energy landscape.

Many hours of research followed, in which we directly collaborated with Enerflex employees to collect all the facts, data, quotations, and numbers we would need. At the same time, our design team started building out concepts and layouts, creating a definitive colour scheme and aesthetic to tie everything together. After weeks of work, feedback, and finding that perfect visual balance, Enerflex gave their approval and soon, it was on its way to the printers.

Equal parts professional, engaging, informative, and optimistic, the 2019 Annual Report was released in spring 2020 and functions as a reference point for the years ahead. It also acts as a single, unified source of information from which investors, management, and other stakeholders can have accurate insights into industry trends and company performance.



Enerflex partned with William Joseph to raise awareness of it’s Integrated Turnkey Solutions and Rentals in the U.S. and Australia. As Enerflex had been expanding their offering, research indicated that while their customers knew Enerflex, they had lost sight of what they offer. William Joseph developed a Drive campaign to help pivot Enerflex’s focus from Build-Own- Operate-Maintain (BOOM) and (Build-Own-Operate-Turnkey) (BOOT) to Integrated Turnkey Solutions and Rentals across Australia and the U.S.



Day Video!

We created a short video to showcase Enerflex as a proud, Canadian company. Rooted in their corporate values, the video is aimed at employees and clients alike to raise awareness for Enerflex’s commitment to shared success, collaboration, innovation, and determination.

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