Intern Laurel writing to you once again from downtown Calgary.

I sit here as the clock nears 4:30 (AKA quitting time) and am in awe of the level of stuff I have been exposed to in such a short time. Amazingly, I can say that all of which been positive and extremely informative of WJ and the industry itself. Also, I have managed to get a free meal and a few coffees out of the deal. Speaking of which, “Serious Heather” even remembered how I take my Starbucks, now that isn’t love folks, I don’t know what is..

Day two has been quite the collage of activities including; talking shop with the strategy department, hanging with the account managers, eating fish, watching strategy and creatives play together!

Well I better skedaddle, I clearly have to put more thought into my dining out choices for this evening because last night’s quick decision resulted in bad sushi. Frankly, I am lucky to be alive today and what would you all do without my pearls of wisdom & humorous antidotes? That’s what I thought, you would probably just go back to your daily lives…